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Thu, Oct 22, 2015
0 minutes

100 Keith-Wiess Geological Laboratories, Rice University United States
Thursday, Oct 22, 2015 4 p.m. - Thursday, Oct 22, 2015 5 p.m.
Hypervelocity Projectile Impact of Layered Materials: Lamellar Block Copolymers and Multilayer Graphene Ballistic impacts induce strong material nonlinearity and multiple complex interacting deformation and failure mechanisms. Both block polymers and 2d graphene are nanoscale layered materials and are interesting candidate ...
Wed, Sep 9, 2015
0 minutes

McMurtry Auditorium, Duncan Hall, Rice University 6100 Main Street Houston, TX 77005 United States
Wednesday, Sep 9, 2015 4 p.m. - Wednesday, Sep 9, 2015 6 p.m.
  Abstract: Will discuss the technical and commercial challenges that the global Residual Oil Zones present for transformative science, engineering, and policy. The utilization of CO2 to enable EOR, as well as impact on our global CO2 emissions footprint, presents ...
Fri, Sep 4, 2015
0 minutes

Duncan Hall, room 3092 Rice University United States
Friday, Sep 4, 2015 3 p.m. - Friday, Sep 4, 2015 4 p.m.
Want to compete for an internship in Oil & Gas? Want to be on a winning team to earn a cash prize? Do you like free pizza? Here's how to learn more: EEi is hosting an information session about PetroChallenge ...
Tue, Aug 25, 2015
0 minutes

Founder's Room, Lovett Hall 6100 Main St. Houston, TX 77005 United States
Tuesday, Aug 25, 2015 noon - Tuesday, Aug 25, 2015 1:30 p.m.
BY INVITATION ONLY Impacts of the EPA’s “Clean Power Plan” on Texas Electricity Markets and the Energy Economy With U.S. Congressman Pete Olson (R-Sugar Land) and Additional Members of Congress yet to confirm. Please join other local business, civic and policy leaders ...
Fri, Aug 21, 2015
0 minutes

Allen Center 6100 Main St. Houston, TX 77005 United States
Friday, Aug 21, 2015 11:30 a.m. - Friday, Aug 21, 2015 4 p.m.
OPEN TO RICE PERSONNEL ONLY As part of Rice's partnership with the University of Houston and NASA, select members from each campus are invited to take part in a EEi-sponsored roadtrip to NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Lab. This trip will kick-off ...

Rice Energy and Environment Initiative About Advisory Board Faculty Leadership Mission/Vision Research Advanced Materials Bioenergy and Biomanufacturing Energy and Water ...

Rice’s areas of expertise or research cover a broad spectrum of markets that serve people in all areas of the ...

Thu, Jun 11, 2015
0 minutes

Rice University 6100 Main Street Houston, TX 77005 United States
Thursday, Jun 11, 2015 noon - Thursday, Jun 11, 2015 1:30 p.m.
Beginning in the late 1980s, climate change issues were divided into two distinct policy categories: mitigation (carbon emissions reduction and sequestration) and adaptation (adjusting to the impacts of climate change). Climate change mitigation has faced challenging political obstacles, while adaptation ...
Fri, Jun 5, 2015
0 minutes

Rice University 6100 Main Street Houston, TX 77005 United States
Friday, Jun 5, 2015 4 p.m. - Friday, Jun 5, 2015 5 p.m.
Despite the challenging nature of subsea production systems, at first glance they appear sparely instrumented. In this talk, we will explore what the key technical and commercial challenges are for value adding measurement systems in a subsea environment, and how ...