Professional Science Master's Program - Rice University

The Rice Professional Science Master's represents a unique degree program in the Wiess School of Natural Sciences, combining an interdisciplinary science curriculum with business training and hands-on experience and enabling graduates to be successful in business and industry.

The Subsurface Geoscience program is geared for students who want to become proficient in applying geological knowledge and geophysical methods to find and develop reserves of oil and natural gas.

The Nanoscale Science program prepares students for a career in nanoscience by combining a strong component in quantum theory with the study of practical nano- and mesoscale devices. Students obtain the advanced practical skills valuable to the nanotechnology industry.

The Environmental Analysis track is geared to teach students methods that are needed by industrial and governmental organizations to deal with environmental issues. It is a cross-disciplinary curriculum providing graduates with skills valuable to consulting firms, energy production companies, and government agencies.

The Bioscience and Health Policy track gives students a background in biological sciences complemented by courses in sociology, economics and policy studies. It provides tools to face the complex challenges inherent in the bioscience research, public health, the U.S. healthcare systems and health-related industries.

The Space Studies track provides knowledge of space engineering, science, program management and policy including advanced engineering, biological and physical science classes and introduces students to economics, public policy, and management and entrepreneurship disciplines. Graduates get tools to face the complex challenges inherent in US space policy, human/robotic space exploration and space technology development.