The markets of water purification and re-use and Green House Gas (GHG) and CO2 are focus areas of Environmental Sustainability that touch all energy markets. We believe the next frontier of regional and international supply tension will likely be accessibility to adequate water supplies for freshwater use, potable water for industrial applications, and for the ability to tap into non-potable sources and to purify for useful applications. The water energy nexus will drive transformative research in the Energy and Environment Initiative and drive the collaboration with other regions and stakeholders. Technology will be at the forefront but there will be market making policies to drive conservation and reuse, trade potentials, and a host of socio and geo-political implications as well. Waste and remediation also touches all markets and will be targeted for high impact implications that can enable a sustainable future.


Our recently awarded research center for nano-enabled water technology (NEWT) will be funded by the NSF and the industry collaborators shaping the challenges of water purification and re-use in fracking and unconventionals – as well as providing clean water to developing countries.

GHG management, often referred to as Carbon Management, plays a significant role in climate change mitigation. Transformative technology will enable carbon capture and storage and will be integrated in our efforts to integrate Enhanced Oil Recovery to the effort. Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage will impact the effectiveness of oil and gas recovery and provide permanent and safe long-term storage of CO2 from anthropogenic sources.