Rice University's strength in high-performance computing (HPC) stems from a long tradition of integrating the traditional boundaries between research disciplines. Computational research at Rice goes beyond individual faculty members and departments to leverage industry-specific expertise and solve real-world problems. In the area of seismic data processing, Rice geologists and applied mathematicians have worked with industry veterans for more than 20 years to apply the best of contemporary mathematical and computational technology to find more oil and gas and develop the resources in a more effective manner.

Visualization Lab

The hub of Rice's HPC efforts is the Ken Kennedy Institute for Information Technology (K2I), a virtual home for more than 140 faculty members and senior researchers from 17 departments across the university. K2I's annual Oil and Gas High-Performance Computing Workshop attracts more than 350 industry, government, and academic experts to campus.

K2I's staff and faculty experts help the energy industry leaders address many of today's transformative HPC challenges, including "big data" analysis, more reliable modeling, prediction accuracy, risk mitigation, and large-scale optimization.

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