Our Mission

To engage the best of Rice’s multi-disciplinary research faculty and students in collaboration with industry, government, NGO’s, and private citizens to create the transformations required to meet the energy challenges of the future. Energy sustainability will require environmental, socio-economic, scientific, and engineering solutions. Sustainability requires environmental responsibility, energy security, affordability and transformative solutions to assure our future.

Our Vision

The world’s energy center in Houston provides Rice with the unique position of providing a non-partisan, fact-based, relevant research to enable the solutions required in the broad spectrum of energy. We will provide internationally recognized research capability and drive toward outcomes that can be realized in the marketplace globally.

Our Objectives

EEi is committed to:

  • Driving down drilling costs by utilizing advanced materials.
  • Maximizing the power of high-performance computing to generate real information designed to de-risk investment, enhance productivity and ensure long-term sustainability.
  • Simulating, visualizing and modeling reservoirs to better predict their properties and production levels.
  • Reducing the environmental footprint associated with energy production.
  • Ensuring that Gulf Coast communities and oil operations are resilient in extreme weather.
  • Putting nanotechnology and biotechnology to work on several fronts, including the purification of water and the treatment of oil spills.
  • Educating the next generation of energy leaders to ensure they have a holistic understanding of the technological, economic policy and human dimensions of energy.