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October 2, 2017


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15 Weeks



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Welcome to the Rice Community! 

You have chosen to embark on a journey to expand your knowledge about the energy industry by enrolling in the Energy and Environment Initiative (EEi) online course “Leadership and Decision Making in the Energy Industry”.  Personally, I look forward to introducing you to the principles and key concepts contained in the course and I believe you will come away with tools you will develop, both technically and commercially, to enable decision-making in the highly complex world of energy.  The Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, and Electric Power industries are all interlinked by their value chains and to our future.  In this course, we look into the critical technologies and processes of these industries and the impacts to citizens, industries, and even nations of all types on a global scale.  I look forward to hearing from you as you traverse the activities throughout the course, so feel free to message me anytime.  Also, I hope to see you in January at the course capstone event.  More details to come about that event.  Best of luck!

About This Course

Have you been wanting to advance your career and become a leader within the energy industry?  Or, are you just starting out in the energy industry and want to get ahold of some of the basics while fast-tracking your career path?  Look no further – our energy course provides students with an effective decision making framework, in the context of value chains and scenario planning, within three major energy markets: oil & gas, petrochemicals, and electric power.

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Charles D. McConnell


Charles D. McConnell is Executive Director of Rice University’s Energy and Environment Initiative, a university-wide integration of science, engineering, economic analysis, policy and social sciences to address the diverse issues and challenges associated with energy security, affordability and environmental sustainability.

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