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Regional Sustainability

Sustainability is energy security and affordability with world class environmental responsibility. 


We’re tapping expertise from multiple disciplines, industry, and government to develop greener, safer, more sustainable carbon-based fuels. We want to drive drilling costs down by leveraging advanced materials; simulate and model reservoirs to predict properties and production; reduce pollution associated with energy production; strengthen coastal communities and operations, so they are resilient to extreme weather; put nano-bio technologies to work on several fronts, including treatment of spills; maximize the power of high-performance computing to generate more useful data. And perhaps the most important challenge of all – Rice wants to educate the next generation of energy leaders, people who have a holistic understanding of the technological, economic, and human dimensions of energy.

To learn more, please click on this link for the Center for Energy & Environmental Research in the Human Sciences (CENHS) or you may contact Dominic Boyer.