Water has fast become the most significant question for the energy and environment landscape in recent years. Unconventional oil and gas are being developed in areas of the country where water is a scarce resource. Often, the market incentives for recycle and re-use are not in place, and the sole disposal of “used” water is not uniformly in place as a business as usual practice. Our initiative will dive into all areas of the value chain for unconventionals and we will explore the landscape of fracking for both oil and gas. Key geological needs and concerns with water are critical for the market to fully develop, not just in the U.S. but the rest of the world.

Water issues will be analyzed and solutions will be developed for small on-site usage in remote areas as well as for large systems serving urban populations. Many issues related to water and environment goes beyond industry and tie directly to communities and to the needs of developing countries. Our water and energy nexus field of research will serve a broad range of technical as well as policy and regulatory challenges.

GHG and Climate Change